The Proposition

Hi Everyone! It's been a while. I've been busy the past few weeks, as I'll share in a later post. Today though, I want to address something important. Today, I'm on a mission to change the way you think about addiction. Scary right? See how I bolded and italicized to make it impossible to ignore? [...]

The Decision

Today, I finally made an important choice in my treatment. This is a monumental moment for me for two reasons: I came to a conclusion in an important situation, and I am confident in my choice. This has been something that I've been debating for months. It's a difficult choice. It's life-altering, it's divisive, and [...]

The Time to Give

Following a much needed vacation, I returned home to mounds of unfinished work and a serious mess of a work schedule. After several days of struggle and some minor jetlag, I finally feel equipped to pick up where I left off. This post serves two purposes: it reinforces my understanding of a valuable skill, and [...]

The Dear Man

Recently, the focus of my therapy sessions has shifted from anxiety and depression treatment to more interpersonal skills, assertiveness training, and emotion regulation. I had talked about my frustrations at work and how I felt like I was unable to voice my concerns effectively. This has always been a weakness of mine. My counselor suggested [...]

The Slide

It happened today, so suddenly. I went several days without any huge worries. Thoughts came and went. Nothing replayed over and over again. I felt calm and confident. Everything was going so well. Two weeks, zero meltdowns. I woke up this morning expecting more of the same. I went to work. I enjoyed work. I [...]

The Unknowing

Why my biggest fear is myself It's difficult going through each day and not knowing what to expect from yourself. I can always assume that I'll have some nagging intrusive thoughts, but when they'll pop up and how I'll handle them are impossible to predict. That's the scariest part for me: how is this going [...]

The Numbers

Why mental health deserves your attention Every year, medical conditions such a cancer and supposedly eradicated diseases dominate heath related headlines. Rightfully so! Cancer was the second leading cause of death in the US in 2016, behind only heart disease. The likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer is around 35-40%, dependent on your sex. It's [...]

The Collateral Damage

I've been talking a lot about how anxiety has affected me. It's ever present, it's painful, and it's fucking exhausting. I struggle with it every day. I have all these feelings that overwhelm me consistently, but only one really stands out tonight. I feel guilty. I've grown used to the daily worry, and the occasional [...]