I have compiled a list of websites that have helped to steer me in the right direction. It is not an exhaustive record, and I will continue to update the page. This list is not only for those suffering with anxiety or depression. These sites are for anybody who wants to learn about all things brain related. Please take the time to share this information with your loved ones.

7 Cups
An anonymous online community to discuss day-to-day struggles. Also features online therapy (for a fee). Users may chat one-on-one with other users or a licensed therapist. The site also offers community forums and the opportunity to volunteer as a listener (training provided). 7 Cups is operated by a board of certified mental health professionals.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America
An international nonprofit focused on improving treatment of anxiety, depression, OCD, and PTSD via a network of mental health professionals. ADAA features current research, blogs, peer-to-peer communities, a therapy directory, and an extensive list of online resources.

National Alliance on Mental Illness
Offering education, individualized support, public awareness, and advocacy programs, NAMI is funded largely through individual donations. If you want to learn more about mental health in general, this is a great place to look. The website includes crash courses in several mental health conditions, volunteer opportunities, and a guide for finding effective support.

National Institute of Mental Health
NIMH is the federal agency for mental health research. This is a very science-heavy site, so it may not be best for everyone. NIMH offers the opportunity to participate in clinical research, along with a small number of informative articles.

Online therapy via text and/or video. You are matched with a therapist who fits your needs. With pricing around $50 weekly, it’s a pretty affordable option for those without insurance.

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